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What-Women-Want compiles collections of flowers and plants for companies from the ornamental plant and flower industry. We create our mood boards ourselves based on our own understanding and with advice from Trendlogic® . These mood boards are the starting point for our product development and communication with all parties in the chain from the ornamental plant and flower sector.


It all begins with the growers of the ornamental plant and flower products. Increasing numbers of flowers and plants are being sold ‘ready to use’. Producers are expected to present customers with the right combination of products.


We are helped with this by a network of creative suppliers who are able to provide the innovation in relation to pots, baskets, displays, packaging and packaging for transportation.


We help the sales team by providing support in the areas of product development and communication.



Based on our own mood boards, we compile combinations of products and inspire customers with our collections. Our communication makes the items more visible in today’s ‘digital marketplace’.


Customised solutions

In addition to What-Women-Want’s standard collections, we are also able to compile customised solutions, together with our chain partners, to create a more attractive look on the shelf. By linking our network of specialists together, we provide innovation and/or inspiration to everyone who works with flowers and plants. Greater unity and presentation on the shelf, focusing on the result.


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